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Powered by natural language processing, machine learning inside a realtime chat, blubyn lets you plan you next travel effortlessly. We built the api's and backend engine for this project.

Strawberry POS

Backend Development

Raw Mango

We built the frontend and backend for this simple and elegant website. It showcases different design as collection, has ability to publish news and basic form to get in touch.

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Analytics Vidhya

Hackathon Platform for Data-Scientist

India Open Data Association

Strategy, Development and Devops

Strategy, Development and Devops

Little bit more, about us

At Essentia, we have gathered the finest minds capable of building the next-generation web applications. Be is related to realtime communication, crunching of big-data or blockchain. We have done end-to-end design and development of systems that are handline thousands of requests per day.

Backed by super active community of frontend, backend and devops enginner and developers, we are ready tackle challenges faced by today's server, mobile and web applications.

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